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University Scholarly Work Awards 2019 2019-06-06

The University Scholarly Work Awards was held last May 9, 2019 at the Convergence Technology Center Rm 413. This is the 18th commemoration of the awards which started in SY 2001-2002. This year marks the first time awarding of the Early Career Publication Support Grants. This new grant is meant to support fresh degree holders to generate publications out of their doctoral dissertation or postdoctoral research or equivalent qualifications from the Arts and Management fields. This was well received as evidenced by the 11 grants Other recognitions such as those for Outstanding Scholarly Work, Scholarly Work Publications, Scholarly Work Faculty Grants, University Research Council Grants, Research and Creative Work Faculty Grants, and the Textbook Development Load Grants were handed out as customary.

Ninette With Fr Jett

The Scholarly Work Publication awards recognized 2018 calendar year publications. The awards are classified into 4 categories. Category 1 recognizes peer-reviewed articles or single literary work published in a Thomson Reuters (ISI) or Scopus indexed journal. This category also includes book lengths, literary work, or single-author collections of short stories, creative non-fiction, essays, plays, or poems in a book also included in the ISI or Scopus database. Category 2 is for peer-reviewed books and for articles included in ISI- and/or SCOPUS-indexed conference proceedings. Peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and literary/creative work published in a journal or book indexed by services approved by the School other than ISI or Scopus fall under Category 3. Editorship of a special issue of a journal or book indexed by ISI and/or SCOPUS is also under this category. Category 4 covers peer-reviewed journal articles, printed literary/creative work including picture books, or chapter in a book, as well as editorship of a special issue of a journal or book indexed by services approved by the School.


From these publications, each LS school chooses one particular work to receive the Outstanding Scholarly Work Award. The Outstanding Scholarly Work Award provides special recognition to a work that contributes significantly to its discipline. The scholarly work is deemed unique or innovative and meets high standards of excellence in its domain. The Dean of each of the four Loyola Schools has established special committees to select the outstanding work from the pool of submitted and nominated publications.

This year the Outstanding Scholarly Work Awards were given to:


Dr. Ma. Isabel Martin for her scholarly work entitled “Linguistic challenges of an English-dominant legal system in the Philippines” published in Asian Englishes.
Outstanding Scholarly Work Award in the School of Humanities


Dr. Erwin Enriquez for his scholarly work entitled “Controlled Microwave-Hydrolyzed Starch as a Stabilizer for Green Formulation of Aqueous Gold Nanoparticle Ink for Flexible Printed Electronics” published in ACS Applied Nano Materials.
Outstanding Scholarly Work Award in Science and Engineering


Dr. Maria Rosanne Jocson for her scholarly work entitled “Resilience in Low-Income Filipino Mothers Exposed to Community Violence: Religiosity and Familism as Protective Factors” published in Psychology of Violence. Outstanding Scholarly Work Award in the Social Sciences


A special citation was also awarded to Dr. Jose Jowel Canuday from the School of Social Sciences for his scholarly work entitled “Re-visioning obscure spaces: Enduring cosmopolitanism in the Sulu archipelago and Zamboanga peninsula” published in Thesis Eleven.

Loyola Schools publications have been on a steady rise since SY 2012-2013. Of significant note is the spike of Scopus-indexed publications from a total of 95 in 2012 to a record high of 184 in 2018. The constant assistance and additional measures taken by the Office of the Vice President for the Loyola Schools and the University Research Council to further research and creative work, and the commitment of faculty members to actively engage in scholarly work have been instrumental in the increase in grant and publication awards.

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